Updated: March 27th 2016

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Balloon Twisting


Using a wide range of balloons in order to create all sorts of Balloon Animals and other assorted Balloon Creations. The best option when you want to see things being made in front of the people in attendance.

Balloon Decorating

Using Balloons of all shapes, sizes, & materials in order to create a nearly unlimited number of different balloon "things" which can then be used to decorate a space - regardless of how large or small the space is.

Custom Creations

Using Balloons of all shapes, sizes, & materials in order to create just about any "thing" that your imagination can dream up - regardless of how big or small the item may be; or what colors you wish to use to make it.

Big Bold Store

Gifts, Supplies, Deliverables, & More...

Photo Gallery

A place to share pictures of the many different things we've done / created previously. It is a great place to see what we can do; as well as to offer inspiration to help you come up with ideas for Decorations, new Creations, etc.

About Big Bold Balloons

In order to help you learn more about us and what it is that we stand for; we've included all sorts of information about who we are, why we do what we do, what our rules / policies are, and what you can do to help us become better.