Fort Sask Balloons - Betterment Survey

Please take a moment to tell us about what you think / know about "Balloon Artists" and "Balloons" in general. The information you provide will be used to help better our website, and the many products & services that we offer. Please try and be as honest and accurate as you can; even if you feel your answers might be negative or harsh.

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If "Yes", What Made You Choose The Balloon Artist You Hired?

If "Yes", What Were You Looking For In A Prospective Balloon Artist?

If "Yes" But You Didn't Hire Them, What Made You Decide Not To?

Did You Know That Balloon Artists Can:
Make All Sorts Of Balloon Animals / Creations?
Make Extraordinary Balloon-Based Gifts?
Make Larger Than Life Balloon Sculptures?
Create Unique Centerpieces & Decor Items?
Decorate Weddings, Parties, Functions, Etc.?
Create Balloon-Based Clothing / Costumes?
Provide Entertainment For People Of All Ages?
Can Make Almost Everything Out Of Balloons?
Can Help With Fundraising Of All Kinds? Yes

Did You Also Know That Balloons:
Are Actually Made From The Sap Of Rubber Trees?
Biodegradable At The Same Rate As An Oak Leaf?
Help Protect The Rain-Forest From Being Cut Down?

What Else Would You Like To Know Before You
Would Be Willing To Look At Hiring A Balloon Artist?

What Other Questions Do You Have About
Balloon Artists or Balloons In General?

What Is Your Impression Of "Fort Sask Balloons"
(Website, Services, People, Creations, Etc.)?

What Things Do You Think "Fort Sask Balloons"
Should Be Doing Differently / Change?

If You Have Any Comments, Questions, Etc.
Please Use The Following Space To Let Us Know.

Thank You Very Much For Taking The Time To Fill Out Our Survey!

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